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Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. Released in April 2017.

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Phone not powering on, no LED, but connects to PC

Hi there iFixit members !

I own a Galaxy S8 G950F model and I bought it with SIM Card Reader known to malfunction...the issue is that I odered a new SIM READER and I failed replacing it. What I mean by failing is that I haven't managed to remove it from the motherboard, even after I heated up that zone at 200 degrees Celsius. After I realised I need to contact special repair services I reassembled the phone and the volume up button was stuck as it was pressed but it was some motherboard issue, not the button itself. So I dissasembled the phone 3 or 4 times and I still couldn't fix the issue, few minutes after that phone went dead and came up to Samsung logo after 5-6 tries of reflowing the hole motherboard then went dead and stayed dead...

Now I know the motherboard might be dead but fun fact is that if I connect the phone to my laptop via USB, if I keep Power Button pressed phone connects to PC as "Exynos 8895" but no drivers can be installed and phone storage is not showing up...also I want to mention screen has no input and no LED is turning on when charging or connecting to PC....

Not so worring about the phone, any ideeas are welcomed, I own a P30 Pro now and a motherboard for S8 in my country is around 80-100 bucks but it makes me put some questions and maybe I'll find a workaround...

Any ideeas?

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Hello. Sounds like you may have damaged some of the components on the motherboard. Check that all connectors are correctly connected and look for any possible damage to the motherboard. If it is damaged then your better off replacing it, but it could just be that the connectors are loose or not put on properly.

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