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How can I fix a Worx 24volt WA3216 lawnmower battery

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Worx 24V 5 Ah Lead Acid Battery

Battery shows to be good with three green lights. I Googled this and there is a $50 course they offer to learn how to do it. We give information away for free but I guess not all people will do that. A new battery costs about $110 with shipping & tax. This one is a month and a half out of the one year warranty.

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Hi @mayer ,

You may have to open the battery pack up and check that the batteries are OK and that they are being charged correctly.

Here’s a link to a video that shows how to replace the batteries, which may be of some help.

Here’s a link that shows how to test SLA batteries but having a load tester (or access to one) would help to better determine the condition of the batteries. Maybe the local car/truck battery supplier has the equipment to do the test if you haven’t got the right gear ;-)

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