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cell phones apps for the deaf

Part 1 I am interested in knowing about how cell phones work. Do they receive actual voices through the antenna OR do they receive an electronic signal which is translated into a voice.

Part 2 In a cell phone which has an app downloaded to show a deaf person the words of the caller, does the same apply? Actual words received by the cell phone or just an electronic signal ?

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Hi @ramses2 ,

The phones use analogue to digital converters ADC - DAC to convert analogue voice signals into digital signals which are transmitted to the distant end where they are converted back again to analogue signals so that they can be understood by the human ear.

Don’t know about the app whether it converts the digital signal (not when it is first received by the phone as it has to be translated back down from the digital transmission frequency signal before it is converted to analogue) to text or if it converts the analogue signal, but would suspect that it may be the digital signal.

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Long story short for part 1 of your queries:

See section 14.1.1

To directly answer your question about "voices directly through the antenna" the answer is no. Though no expert on information related to section 2 of your query, basically the sequence of events is related to receiving the signal via the antenna, processing the received signal via demodulation, converted into digital format that your computer can process, and then converts that digital information into a format that humans can decipher via various forms of software interfaces (one of which is the software interface that will display text format to a hearing impaired user or a video that utilizes sub-title format to display necessary language translation). This very basic attempt of mine to explain the key concepts involved in the processes you are enquiring about barely scratches the surface (to put it mildly) of the information needed to understand the whole process. :-)

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