PowerBoard Replacement GameBoy DMG 1


first , sorry for my bad english , it’s not me mother language

recently I have bought a gameboy , the first one dmg1

I buy it screen broken , thinking that I can repair it easily , but when I opened it I saw the power board totally destroyed

so I have 2 question

1 : where can i buy a replacement for this board without having to buy the complete mother board with it

2 : on this site https://gbhwdb.gekkio.fi/consoles/dmg/

I saw that there is a lot of different model for the gameboy and on each model , the component on the power board have different inscription ( click on “ power board front “ to see the photo )

so even if I find a replacement board , will it be compatible with my gameboy ?

I can’t find my version on this site , so here are all the info I can get :

buy in france so probably a UE model


RAM : LH5264N4

LCD board : DMG LCD - 06

Jack board : DMG jack 03

power board : I don’t know .. the only thing I can tell is on the black cylindrical component ( I don’t know what this is ) there is written 223 H1N

here’s some photo :

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

I know I just should buy a complet mother board replacement , but I love challenge so I will try to repair it like that before

thank you by advance for you help

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