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Repair guides and support for the OnePlus 5T, an Android smartphone with a 6.01" AMOLED display. Released in November 2017. Successor to the OnePlus 5. Model number: A5010.

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Phone Not turn on

My phone not turn on. I am contact mobile repair shop they are told me it’s problem with motherboard so if now i can change my motherboard then can i get my phone old data? Or can any one told me how to get back my Data form this phone.


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One way to retrieve your data would be if you had an automatic backup option toggled on (for example to a Cloud location).

Might want to try using ADB and computer connection. Any success using this proceedure would be limited to how damaged the phone is.

Might also want to check out the the repair shop wasn't being honest about the repairs needed. Check Google or your phone documentation to see if there is an option to enter into Recovery Mode. Again this proceedure is limited by the damage incurred (if any) to the phone.


@propman I don't know what can I do now


@Md Khaled I just suggested some options to you. If you don't understand them or want to put in the time to try and understand them by doing the research and exploring then there is nothing I personally can do for you. Suggest you bit the bullet and take it to a repair shop.


@propman i need to to make my phone alive for just see on google authenticator code because my some of account are using this google authenticator so i don't understand what can i do now. Please help me


@Md Khaled Hmmm...wonder why I am getting the feeling this is a stolen phone scam by a very lazy and inept person. Do **NOT** message me any more please otherwise I will make a complaint to the site's moderation.


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Md Khaled  no you cannot. All your files are stored on a chip which is mounted to your motherboard. Changing your motherboard will not fix this. Your data will stay on the old motherboard. The only way you can get your data off your phone is by getting it to power up long enough for you to download your files. So, unless you can determine what is wrong with the motherboard, consider your data as lost!

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sir can you give me any idea how i can get if possible or not for change parts or ic in my old motherboard


This can only be done by trying to figure out what is wrong with your board. You will need to have the right test equipment as well as the right tools/skills to repair your board. Consider contacting a micro-soldering specialist that can help you with that.


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