Cloud 2 Microphone not working

So I recently repaired my headphones after I tore the previous cable. I’ve attached a 4 pole aux socket into the headphones so that I can now have a removable wire, and the headphone sound works great! However the mic itself does not work.

I’ve tested the connections with a multi meter and everything seems to be working fine and wired correctly. Is there any way to test if the Mic itself is’nt working or if its the chip inside.

Also I found something really weird, I plugged my headphones into my home stereo system and the mic wouldn’t work, however if I spoke into the actual headphone (left to be specific) somehow audio was being picked up and replayed through the stereos.

Any suggestions

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Oscilloscope for testing the output of the mic; if it's good it will show a waveform. Same for the output of the of the chip. You could also clip leads to the mic (depending on the mic type you may also need an appropriate voltage source) and hook them up to a pre-amplifier -> stereo or use an audio signal tracer. Audio signal tracer could also be used on the output of the chip (assuming here that the chip in question is some kind of audio processor/pre-amp).

The diaphram of a speaker will also act like a microphone when directly spoken into which may explain why you are hearing in via your stereo. And if your stereo has separate mic and headphone jacks, putting the headset plug into the mic jack will not make the proper internal connections. Suggest you check your wiring for crossed connections.


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