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Information and repair instructions for Amana Freezer

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new ice maker sticking on fill cycle and overflowing

I installed a new generic ice maker in my fridge Amana bottom freezer. It began filling up with water and kept filling. I got it to stopl but trying to figure out why it overfilled? Any ideas?

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Water overfilling the ice tray is usually the result of high water pressure in the home.

This can also be caused by a defective water inlet valve.

Please give us your specific model number.

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The water valve is brand new came with new ice maker.

Pn a water well no high pressure. This isn’t just a little overfill but a couple gallons.


See if you can visually tells where the water is coming from. Particularly look for a loose connection.


water outlet valve has been replaced, new icemaker, new circuit board, and ice tray is still running over and into the ice bucket, and out through the dispenser and out on the floor.. flustered and have spent over 200 bucks to try to fix it, has not resolved the problem..



What is the make and model number of the refrigerator?


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