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Help needed for iPhone screen refurbishing (Dust problems)

We are currently practicing on refurbing iPhone screens (Glass repair only). We’ve tried almost everything, but we keep ending up with small dust particles under the glass.

Current equipment used at our store (Removing dust):

  • Qianli iSee dust detection lamp
  • Dust free clean cloths
  • N-Hexane liquid to moist the cleaning cloth
  • Dust free room with plexiglass on front

Also we use 8222 liquid to remove the old glue from old polarizer, and after that we use the N-Hexane.

Also, we use the 4 in 1 glass (OCA, Polarizer, Frame and glass premounted)

It takes us about 15 minutes if not more, just to get a 100% dust free result, and it’s killing us! A whole screen takes around 30 minutes, which is waaaay to long. 60-70% of the time used on refurbishing, are the process of eliminating dust on the LCD.

Priorly we used a humidifier to help cleaning out the dust, but a supplier told us that the mist could have small dust particles, so we stopped having the humidifier on, while doing the dust removing. We still have it on for around 10 minutes before doing the refurbing, as it should eliminate dust from the air inside the dust free room.

We’re running out of ideas, the only ideas coming to mind for now, is buying a compressor and air blower nozzle to eliminate the dust as much as possible on the screen, and then clean with cloth and n-hexane afterwards?

Really hope somebody can help out here, we are getting tired of re-doing LCD’s


Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like you have a few different problems! Having a clean box is a good start but it can only go so far! Do you have a clean air source feeding it with clean air constantly? Do you have a hood over the work area to vent the fumes from the cleaners?

The problem we had was the direction of the air flow having it blowing toward us was not the correct direction! You want it going side to side or down with a draw off below so the dust doesn’t get pulled back in!

Getting a proper cabinet might be worth it Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

When dealing with physical objects like screens you often need a dual box design, one side is the entry where the part is cleaned and then passed to the other side so no contaminates are brought in to the clean work area. A simple wall with a small gap between the sides. You still want to pre-clean the part as much as possible before going into the dust free chamber. The work area you are using the cleaners should also be properly vented. It doesn’t take much to damage your liver! And I would use Nitro gloves and not have any skin exposure even to the fumes N-Hexane SDS sheet. There are other solvents which are safer!

You do want an oil free compressor with filters on both sides and you don’t want too strong an air flow as that can stir up the dust in the chamber, just enough to push off the loose dust. Just about the same you would breath out to blow a candles flame without blowing it out.

The work area should be as dust free as possible. A tiled floor, laminate furniture and the walls, ceiling and floors are sealed. Not wearing shedding as well as staticky charged cloths possible (wear a lab coat within the room), filtered air and humidified (or in the summer dehumidified if needed). Follow ESD protection as the static charge will hold dust. You may need sticky pads at entry to collect dirt from shoes as well as an air wash doorway to dust off people entering. Using hairnets & beard nets and filter masks as your breath can expel dust and smoke (if they are a smoker). It’s just a matter on how far you need to go. Of course limit the number of people entering the area (room).

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