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Samsung's flagship phone-with-stylus and the successor to the Note8, released August 2018. Features a 6.4" display and up to 512 GB of onboard storage.

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Rear camera not working, would like recommendations on parts

Hi all, small story time.

The rear of my phone was cracked. I got it fixed by an authorized Samsung service center. (UbreakIfix) They told me after the repair that the phone was still water resistant. I took my phone to the pool, and someone decided to jump into the spa thoroughly soaking my phone. Whatever, no big deal right? Just a splash. Turns out the service center was wrong. The device was no longer water resistant at all. I quickly noticed that my fingerprint sensor stopped working, but the camera was working fine. I turned the device off, and allowed it to air out in a dry environment for a few days. When I turned it on, to my amazement, everything worked. Both cameras functioned as normal, and the fingerprint sensor came back. I guess there was still a small amount of water in the device because the camera stopped working by the end of the day. I assume this is due to water damage.

Onto the question

I was planing on purchasing a new camera unit from iFixit but was disappointed to find out that they do not sell this part. Does anyone know of another retailer that sells the part I need? Also, is there another course of action that could have better prevented this. I didn’t have any desiccants on hand, but I assume that could have helped a little.

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it seems like general water damage, the phone repair center could have been correct on the water resistance but being water proof and water resistant are too different things. I feel that when your phone got hit with the water, the water instantly started corroding the phone. If I could recommend anything clean the parts of the phone that got hit (aka most of the logic board) with IPA! If that fixes some issues then you may want to replace the camera other then that water damage is water damage.

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Thanks for the reply. I feel like the splash shouldn't have damaged the phone. IP68 allows for full submersion of the device. A splash shouldn't have done anything. I was planing on cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol once I opened it, but I didn't want to open the device up twice. I wanted to have a camera unit on hand in case it needed to be replaced as well.


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