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Released September 22, 2017. Model A1863, A1905. Available as GSM or CDMA / 64 or 256 GB / gold, silver, and space gray.

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Touch ID works but not the home button turn function

So i’ve experienced something new today and i can’t say it’s a nice experience so far.

A customer gave me their phone for a screen and back cover replacement. It was turned off on delivery. I turned it back on to do a pre-check of everything before in started the repair. Everything looks fine expect for the home button. When i pressed it there was no vibration feedback or sign of something happening. It still read my finger though.

So naturally i thought it’s because of the screen cable as the screen was heavily damaged.

I replaced the screen and tried again. Still the same issue. I had the customer try with her thumb and it reads it and unlocks the phone, but still no return function. The customer says it was working fine this morning.

So i tried new screen, the original screen, checked add the connectors, checked if i somehow damaged the home button cable and did a firmware flash of the phone. Everything looks perfectly fine. So i assumed it might be a late reaction to the fall and tried replacing the home button. I knew that touch ID won’t work but the return function should. But still nothing.

I’ve tried finding the schematics for iPhone 8, but so far no luck. Can’t be that different from the iPhone 7? The phone runs IOS 12.4 updated yesterday.

So what can i do next?

Have anyone experienced something similar?

Anyone have a solution for this?

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When you replaced the button did you replace it with one of those buttons that restore the functionality of the home button or just the cosmetic one?

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It was a home button with the return function but without Touch ID.


Is this a version with or without Bluetooth. If it was the latter you'll need to try the Bluetooth version too.


@benjamen50 I used the version without bluetooth. I don't have the bluetooth version atm. But doesn't the bluetooth one restrict the customer from using bluetooth for other things? Also i've heard that the bluetooth version takes way more power.


Yes, the downside is that only one Bluetooth device can be used at a time.

For the power problem I don't think it's that bad. Well if that's the only one that works with it may have to be done that way. Otherwise screen replacement via apple if possible.

From what I heard the BT ones appear to be most stable for the time being not the best solution but it's the one that is reliable.


Thank you for the information @benjamen50.

I still want to and need to know a better fix for this though. I will try with a BT one just to see what happens but i still find it very weird that return function doesn't work but Touch ID does. On the button itself it's 2 different parts but in the same cable. But on the logic board i,m pretty sure it uses the same components. Wish i had the schematics so i could find out.


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