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PS4 Pro does not turn on

My PS4 Pro does not turn on any more. The blue light flashes and it beeps, but fan doesn’t turn on. If you do this again nothing happens anymore. I first have to disconnect and connect the power cord, then the blue light and beep sounds is coming again. Now I read a Q&A on the PS4 when people hit the box or dropped it from 2 inches and then it worked again, this does not work for me. Is it likely that the power supply is damaged? I would suppose, that if the power supply would be okay, at least the fan would start rotating.

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If i understand you correctly the PS4 itself turns on but not the fan? If power supply is damaged you wouldn't get any lights or sounds at all. Unfortunately it's a common problem on the PS4 pro that the fan stops working. Usually replacing the fan will make it work again.

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The PS4 Pro turns on for about a second with a flashing blue light, then it turns off. The fan does not turn on. If I then press the power button nothing happens anymore.


Ok understood.

We are having a similar problem with a customer PS4 Pro now and after doing some troubleshooting it seems that the PS4 overheats because the fan won't start. We have ordered a new fan that we are waiting for so we have not had the chance to try it yet. But ill definitely let you know if it works.

In the meantime try to take out the power cord and keep it out for about 30 sec to 1 min. Then plug it back in and try again.

If you can open it up and check for dust. Electronics gather dust like a magnet and dust can create complications. Then of course clean it thoroughly.


Great thanks for your help, looking forward to your insights. Taking out the power cord didn't help unfortunately.


You are welcome.

We have received the fan and replacing it actually worked! Hope it will work for you to. Good luck.


One last question, did your customer's PS4 Pro have the exact same behaviour as mine? Power on, beep, blue light flashes, no fan, power off? That would mean, that the firmware checks, if the fan is working and turns the system off, if the fan doesn't work, right?


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