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The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier (SM-R760 & SM-R765) is a high-end smartwatch designed to reduce the need for your cellphone. Released in November 2016, the device has a 1.3" display, a dual core Exynos processor, and a custom Tizen operating system.

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Waterproofing S3 after replacing the back cover

Will I be able to re-waterproof my S3 Frontier after replacing the back cover?

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Yes, if you use the proper adhesives that meet or exceed the original adhesive. Your install job must be perfect or it’s water resisting abilities will be reduced or nullified.

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Can i ask what adhesive ?


@Cody Tokos B7000 glue is typically used by technicians. Use this glue, clamp it tight and vacuum chamber the phone for best results.


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