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Ifixit project mat confused on how to organize screws

Hello majority of people who fix phones use the ifix it project mat or a project mat in general and im still confused on how to organize my screws with the project mat. i see people like Hugh Jeffery who don’t even need to write down any thing on the mat and he just organizes the screws with ease and also i have asked a couple different youtubers who fix iphones on how they organize their screws with the project mat and i have gotten no answer and im just confused on how they do it. if some one could help me or figure out how they organize their screws with their project mat or like Hugh Jeffery it would be appreciated thanks.

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Good question!

I personally treat each grid square on the project mat as a “step” in the replacement process. This will depend on your project mat, of course, but the iFixit Magnetic Project Mat has twenty grid squares to write on.

What I usually do is follow the respective iFixit guide for my repair and then place screws or small metallic parts that are being removed during that step in a grid square. I’ll then write the step number in that grid square.

This helps me out when I go to reassemble the device because I’ll have everything in numerical order. Most reassemblies will be identical to to the disassembly but in reverse.

Hopefully this process helps you as well!

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Magnetic Project Mat


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you are a savior to my phone fixing career thanks.


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