Why does the link to iTunes appear on startup after screen replacemen?

Replaced client’s screen, and upon startup the above message appeared. I returned her phone and told her to go to iTunes and follow instructions. She is confused and demanding I just turn her fingerprint ID back on! I installed her original home button in the new screen, and I’m confident that I did no damage. Help!

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What was the status before u did the screen??? U sure the volume button isn't jammed in??? Try 3utools to kick it out of recovery


@c9679 Thanks for the advice. Please excuse my ignorance, but what is #utools?


Are you saying shims?


3u.com 3utools is an itunes alternative which allows u to update firmware all that stuff but it also has an option to kick a phone out of recovery if it's a simple software glitch this will usually fix it...

P.s I dont know what shims are lol


OK! I will try that! Thank you for your patience and help! I am a recently retired avionics guy and have taken courses offered by CRS so this is my little at-home retirement supplement


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