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Repair and disassembly guides for Sony DVD players.

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Dvd only shows in black and white.

Movie is in black and white.

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It sounds like the cables from your DVD player to the back of your tv are improperly plugged in. Try reseating the connections, or change where they are plugged into. Component or RCA Cables must match the colored plugs on the cable ends to the color coded jacks on your home theatre and TV

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There is no yellow place in the back of the t v


Only green a d blue


Yellow = video

Red & white = stereo audio

Yellow goes into the green jack if you only have a green port on the back of the tv


i tried doing the same thing, but it already has a yellow port, and there’s two red ports but it makes a buzzing noise when i unplug it


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Fix 1: If your TV has a shared component video (3 RCA) and composite video (1 RCA) input, you need to make sure the colored plugs on the cable ends match the same color-coded jacks on the TV.

Fix 2: For S-Video cables, unplug the S-video cables on both ends and check if there are any bent or missing pins.

Fix 3: Make sure you’re not playing an NTSC DVD on a PAL player or vice versa.

Fix 4: Convert DVD disc to digital videos like MP4, then you can copy to USB flash drive and watch it on HDTV via USB.

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