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Laptops made by the Chinese company Huawei.

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No charge after water damage

A few weeks ago my laptop got wet, so I put it in rice for 2 days and it started working again. A week later, it will no longer charge, but the laptop flashes on but will not turn on because it has no charge. I've set it in rice for the past 2 days to see if it would help anything, but nothing has worked. I've taken the back off of the laptop but am not sure how to disassemble it further.

Device: (Huawei Matebook D Signature Ryzen edition)

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Water may have short circuted your battery, or and charging port connections. you can remove the under panel of the laptop, very careful.. Ifixit has a range of tools to help. It’s a very tedious Job and it’ll take some help. Here is a video on opening the laptop and disassembling. I’m not sure if it’s the same one, But they use actual suction hot plates and machines. . You may unfortunately have to replace the battery, but see if there are any connections fried or come lose from the charging port to the battery.

Hopefully you can get it, please update me. I’d like to hear how it goes!

Goodluck my friend!

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@refectio Tell em about the rice.. XD I'm sure you can help this guy better than me


So Ive taken it apart, I have the motherboard in front of me but I'm unsure on which is what part. I looked near the charging port and I don't see anything but it is covered in this black sticky plastic sheet cover. I would take it off but I don't know if that will effect anything


Update: it appears the battery was the problem, at the least I can still use it when it's plugged in. Thank you


Hey No Problem, glad you didn't have to take it to a store and pay for it to get it fixed. If you have a multimeter you can use that on the connections and the battery connections to see what's really at fault.


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