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Reparatiehandleidingen en -informatie voor de Nintento Switch Joy-Con controllers.

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SR Button on left Joy-con is Very hard to trigger.

The SR Button on my left joy-con is Very hard to trigger. the SL Button on my joy-con (and every other joy-con i own) works normal and is easy to trigger. To trigger the SR Button on this controller i have to push down Hard in the (Assuming the buttons are facing you and the joy stick is on your left) top right of the button (The included image should help you understand what i mean).

Block Image

I’m not sure when this started happening. I know wasn’t like this when i purchased it but i rarely use the joy-con on its side (only for Super Mario Party and Super Mario Maker 2 Co-op building).

The way i would see if the button is triggered is to open up Test Controller Buttons in Controllers and Sensors. I also connected it to my PC and used a program to see when it activates. Both ended up with the same result.

Any help is greatly appreciated! This is the first time asking a question on iFixit so please alert me if im posting this in the wrong place.

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Hey. Something like that is typically straightforward. It could be something broke inside,or it could be the button is just knocked out of place. You’d have to take it apart and check the button out. It’s possible the internal button(the plastic outside just covers the internal button) is damaged. You said you had to press it hard to get it to work. Do you feel resistance when you press it(like it’s stuck)? Or does it feel normal when you press it,but the red area(in the photo) is the only area that it works?

If it clicks normally but just doesn’t work unless pressed in the specific area,it may be the internal button is damaged. If it has resistance when pressing,it sounds like something is broken or knocked out of place. There are YouTube videos to help you. But you need to disassemble it.

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