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TI-84 Plus calculator support.

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Zebra lines on TI-84 Plus calculator screen- What can I do to fix?

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I don’t know if the TI-84 Plus calculator was dropped, but the screen is 2/3 stripes, therefore the calculator cannot be used. I tried replacing the batteries and a reset.

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Hi, perhaps the ribbon cable connecting the motherboard is partially loose. Just to be sure, I’d like you to run a self test

  1. Turn the calculator on and put it on the home screen
  2. Press [mode]
  3. Press [Alpha]
  4. Press [S] (the ln key)
  5. Press [enter] four times (congratulations, you’re now in the diagnostics section!)
  6. Press [on]
  7. Now your calculator should be displaying different patterns on the screen. Press [enter] to cycle through all 45 or so patterns and contrasts, please tell me if the bottom part of your display works for any of the patterns.
  8. Press [on] multiple times to exit the diagnostics section

If your screen still doesn’t work, I’d suggest looking at a topic on ribbon cable repair which you can find here.

Good luck, please let me know if you have any issues or questions!

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Thank you for your reply! The first pattern of vertical stripes works. The rest of the patterns show white horizontal lines.


Yes, that sounds like a loose ribbon cable. Do you have experience with soldering or using a voltmeter? If not and if the cable is just loose, then when you take it apart ( TI-84 Plus Disassembly ) you may be able to get by with just putting pressure on certain parts of the cable (to see which part is loose) then taping (preferably with electrical tape) the loose part back together. Again, I'd suggest following the topic I linked in my original answer if you have the tools. Good luck and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have!


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