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Windows 7 issued, 64-bit laptop, touch-screen laptop/notebook.

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Not turning on, but chargin working

Hi guys, thanks for read this post, I have an estrange  case: I own a laptop HP ENVY 17 NOTEBOOK PC , today I have open and change the thermal paste of the CPU and GPU, I have clean with air all the internal computer. I have assemble and test playing Fallout ;) once I finish I get out the battery and clean with wet toals the keybord and turn on btn.



Once I finish I keep dry 2hr, once I finish I try to turn on and it make some estrange sounds, this sounds are from the spears and it doesn’t turn on.


I have open the laptop, check all. There no burning smell or any dark mark, I have double check all parts but all see good, i have found that once I press the turn on I get 1 second of move on the fan in the laptop, it can charge without any issue but I cant get it turn on.


Any ideas to fix this PC?



Thanks for all!!

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First Step:

Unplug the charger and take the battery out. Press and hold the power for about 10 seconds.

Do not install battery.

Plug in the charger and press the power button.

Does anything happen? Lights, fan, screen, etc.

Oh and never, ever clean ANYTHING in a computer or any electronics with water!!!!

Second Step:

We will seee.

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