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Why does my MacBook Pro have no audio devices?

My MacBook Pro 2012 15in does no seem to have any audio devices. I’ve changed the speaker, tried reseting the pram, and going into system preferences. However, nothing has worked.

Edit: Forgot to note that the audio works if you put a pair of headphones in.

Edit 2: It doesn’t work with headphones now.

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Look in the port when the jack is out and tell us if you see a red light, please.

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Sorry about the delay. I do not see a red light.


Also I just found out that it doesn't work with headphones now.


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@bsellner - Then you likely have a messed-up jack. Within the jack are two leaf switches as you can see here:

Block Image

What can happen is the contacts for the internal speaker don’t connect after you’ve removed the plug. using a dental probe see if the contact is making contact correctly.

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I forgot to mention that the audio does work when headphones are put in. I can get headphones in and it the audio comes back.


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