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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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Connect usb cable to old HP laser jet printer

I like to know if a old hp laserjet printer can work on the g4? Is it best to connect to USB or ethernet?

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Please tell us which HP you have and if it has USB and/or ethernet connections.


It's USB and HP laserjet 5p.



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These printers deserve a second life being i have a Laesrjet 4 when i do not need color and it has lated almost 14 years old and worked despite being a curb find

You will also need CUPS+Glutenprint drivers

To se them up, go under Add printer like usual and select the Laserjet 5P

Then,select "Select printer software" by clicking the selected HP driver

Search for "HP Laserjet 5P-CUPS+Glutenprint" and that should work

You will also need a parell 1284 or 1394(the parrell will say this) to USB to use it on this mac in the end

you hook the end of the cable that goes in a computer to this adaptor and plug it in, you cannot use HP's drivers tough, use the cups and glutenprint ones

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