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Released November 4, 2017. Model A1865, A1901. Available as GSM or CDMA / 64 or 256 GB / Silver or Space Gray. (Pronounced the same as "iPhone 10.")

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What hardware issues that would cause Face ID failures in iPhone X

Apple iPhone X Face ID fails and I want to have some hardware solutions to fix this problem, is it the front sensors issue or the front cameras? Just any hardware parts that causes Face ID to die.

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Face id is managed by the exact match of front camera flex, front speaker flex and mother board. Changing one of these part will loose the face id function. Even apple store are not « easy «  with face id repair. If iphone is still under warranty go to apple store. In some case there is also an warranty extend on face id chip.

If not the only trick i know is to exchange the rear camera module... this is the first (and quite only thing) applestore guys does in case of face id issue. A failure of rear camera (even with image) can void face id fonction..


@boyer That's interesting! I didn't have much chance to work on iPhone X so far besides a couple of devastated ones.. Care to elaborate on that if you have further info ?



Hello i have only fight once this issue and i didn’t get any image from the front camera. And of course no face id.. then i changed the rear cameras module, and then front camera came back.. but not face Id.. i have discuss with a apple genius and ask him if a screen replacement would get face id back. He says “could be” (a part of ir system is near the speaker) but he mentions that in the past for under warranty failure, they were told to try to switch rear camera.

And he told me also that replacing an iphone x screen requires extra caution due to the possibility to touch the IR projector and damaged it. A friend of mine has asked a screen change at applestore but apple provided him a refurbish phone for the price of screen exchange. (Iphone was under warranty period). May be they broke the face ID.

I have change three times the screen on iphone x , didn’t get trouble, may be i am lucky. The iPhone with the face id trouble was heavily damaged before i opened it so i may be guilty or not.


@boyer Thanks for adding a bit more of info. I 've experienced also in previous iPhone iterations the strict dependance of the two cameras with each other, some rails used are common and one can surely take down the other if shorted, especially in case of accidental damage. As for the flood illuminator, I haven't had the chance to get deeper into it so far but will certainly try to have a deeper look at it to figure out if that shares some circuit with the two cameras. In EU most iPhone X will start getting out of warranty in the next few months, thus it's about time to put neurons at work with them :)


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There are so many causes for Face ID failure. You can check here:

Why Face ID Not Working After Repair

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