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Een gameconsole voor de televisie, geproduceerd door Sony Computer Entertainment, ook bekend als de PS4. Voor het eerst aangekondigd op 20 februari 2013 en gelanceerd op 15 november, 2013.

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PS4 immediate power down - Fan powers on and gets louder until shutdwn


I just bought a ps4 second hand (1st gen) which was missing a hard-drive. I installed a hard-drive and powered up. The console turns on, the light flashes blue, and does not do so forever as is the case with the blue light of death. The console after about ten seconds begins to power the fan, the fan becomes louder and louder until it beeps twice and turns off after the initial powering on. I do not get an image on screen during this process. What are potential causes for this error? The Fan? The heat sensor? The PS4 itself is not hot and in a well cooled area during this process. What options do I have to repair?

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Mine does this


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So first things first, take the case off using the ifixit guide and give it a good clean, even though it may not feel hot dust build up can cause this issue.

failing that….

next thing to try is the power supply, if you have a friend who can let you borrow theres great or buy one from ebay etc… ( the 2 beeps generally means a hardware issue )

falling this i would check the thermal paste and replace as this burns out overtime and can cause the PS4 to shutdown as you described.

i hope this helps :)

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Hey Matt, thank you for the suggestion!

I will clean the inside, looks like I need a hex or alan key screwdriver to get beyond the metal chasis - once I've found one (I have a few lying around somewhere, but that will need a thorough look through). I will update after.

As for the power cable, I used the working powercable from my PS$ slim to troubleshoot. There should be no difference between the two (I've even used PS3 powercables with PS4's before with no issue), but thank you for the suggestion.

Thermal paste seems to be a likely option. Multiple suggestions on that front. Thank you very much!


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