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Model A1990 / EMC 3359. Released in May 2019 with new 6-core and 8-core processor options.

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Can't you prevent flexgate by reinforcing the wire with duct tape?

Can’t you solve the flexgate issue with the 2019 macbook pro by reinforcing it with duct tape. I know that the 2016-2017 was because the wire was too tight but because there is enough room for the 2018 and 2019 macbook pros can’t you just solve the issue my reinforcing it with tape before it breaks

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That’s a good question. I did this on the 2016 model but I no longer have this macbook so I have no clue about the long term use. I did not use duct tap because it’s too think and just not the right tape. I did it using kapton tape. I laid the tape on a piece of glass and measured the flex cable and cut exact size the applied it on one side of the flex cable to add reinforcement. Before I did this, I opened and closed the lid while deserving how the flex is moving and you can see its dragging on the frame. Not sure how the 2019 models are designed.

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Interesting observation, so it would seem the scraping of the cable would expose the shielding on these cables and ultimately cut the cable.


The root issue is a tight bend so fortifying won't solve that as the flex of the fine foil wires within and the added thickness even though its slight also can case issues and as its glued to the ribbon cable the two surfaces over time will break down as they shift back and forth slowly pulling the Kapton tape off.

Here's a bit more: Apples 2018 McBook Pro's Attept to Solve Flexgate, Without Admitting It Exits

So, there is no need to alter anything as its fixed in the 2018/2019 models.


Well its been more than 5 months and the person has yet to come back to get this machine fixed. The machine had the issue before I did the fix, it was not as bad as some that the whole display turned off. The tape may not solve it but may delay it. If you take a ribbon and bend it, you will see that its very easy to bend but if you increase its thickness, its much harder to bend.


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To clarify the 2018 & 2019 models both have a newer backlight cable design 2018 MacBook Pros Try to Solve Flexgate Without Admitting It Exists.

There its nothing needed to fix this as its a non-issue in these models.

Sadly, the older 2016 & 2017 models have this problem. Apple so far has admitted the 13” models have the issue and are offering an extended warranty repair program. I would still go to them if I had a 15” and demaid a warranty exception as long as you can prove the issue is the same.

There are some reports of additional issues with the data side of the ribbon connections nothing firm at this point in time.

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I came here to say: NO. The Flexgate has not been fixed on the 2019 15” Model. I have the 15” Model with Core i9 and today I opened the lid and saw the issue. At first I tought of some mac os glitching but no the error stayed on boot. I then plugged in an external Screen and the issue only showed on the integrated Screen. So I can point out the GPU. Then I slowly closed the Macbook and in an nearly closed angle, the Graphic Issues are gone.

So my problem is: all Apple-Stores have closed now because of COVID19. I hope they can help my on telephone, when they call me on monday. I am 100% doing some extra insurance or apple care+ for that Macbook. I am really lucky as it happend like 3-4 Month before the 1-Year Warranty ends.

Video (german):



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Deniz - First this is not the original FlexGate issue! That was fixed in this model. That was a short backlight ribbon cable 2018 MacBook Pros Try to Solve Flexgate Without Admitting It Exists

Your issue is a different as what you show in your video is a discoloration within the image space.


@danj I brought it to a large german Apple Service Partner and they replaced the Screen. I dont know what Problem it was and how to prevent it.


@koekdendeniz - As I had stated there have been reports of other issues, yours is different from what has been seen which mostly involve the T-CON board over heating.

Chroma effects like what you see in your vid is a signal distortion as its so localized (small area) I would say its within the LCD panel.


There where small purble lines at the top in the Statusbar and an about 10cm wide Stripe on the left of the Monitor. It showed that distortion and on white applications, like this forum, it showed an light purple background. When closing the lid, it sometimes disappeared.

Edit: So I see that there also is the overheating T-Con Issue. Arghhh. Apple get you things together.. So I guess its better to shutdown the Macbook before putting it in my bag. Standby no more.


Does the T-Con issue still apply to the 2019 MBP?


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