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Apple announced the Retina MacBook 2015, model A1534, on March 9, 2015 to launch on April 10. It has a new unibody construction and includes an updated trackpad, keyboard, and Retina display.

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replace plastic strip with MacBook logo?

The black plastic strip at the bottom of the Retina display is damaged, just by the left hinge. I need a new strip. How do I remove the old one, and where can I get a new one? Display works fine.

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You will need to warm up gently the glass being careful not to damage the screen, provide some protection. As it fits very tight in its slot a very thin metal spatula such as those used for painting that are relatively easy to get and quite cheap will help. You’ll need to lift up the strip rather than sliding anything under it as you have screen flexes running under that and the risk of damaging screen for good is quite high. An acrylic replacement can be found on eBay and probably Aliexpress.

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@danj I didn't even think about the clutch cover and headed straight for the logo bezel're probably right, quite useless answer.

This is the one I thought was needed:


It could need both!


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