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ipad 4 gets always in dfu mode

Hi, if i start my ipad with lightning cable

plugged in it is always running in dfu mode.

Look like Home button is pressed, but it is not.

I have installed a new Home button but even

the same problem.

Any idea? Starting without cable does work.

Update (19.06.2019)

i can get the ipad out of dfu mode but it goes back after restart with lightning cable plugged in. could that be a fpc home button connector damage ?

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Home button connector being damaged on an iPad 4 wouldn’t really cause this problem as recovery mode with iTunes logo can be bypassed if the iPad is plugged into the charger but immediately unplugged when the apple logo appears.

Recovery mode will only boot if the iPad is left plugged into a lightning cable in the event of a fault home button that is stuck in engaged (clicked / stuck for example)

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All apple products will go into DFU mode with different button sequence attempts. So the only way to get the ipad out of the DFU mode is to connect to itunes, hold down power button and home button only. It needs to connect to itunes and perform a soft reset to get back to normal.

As soon as you see the apple logo flash once let go of buttons so it doesnt go into restore mode.

Hope it helps!

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It is important to differentiate between DFU mode and recovery mode.

If this iPad goes to a black screen lit up very quickly after a second when the iPad is turned on, this indicates a major hardware fault on the iPad. Usually the NAND flash memory chip which is like the hard drive of a computer may need to be re-programmed and/or replaced to fix this problem, it will require micro-soldering experience in order do replace this chip.

If it goes into a recovery mode where the iTunes logo is displayed I would attempt an update and see how that goes, also do restore if data is not important on the iPad.


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