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Apple's 2016 revision to their laptop lineup targeted at professional users. Features a 15-inch, 2880-by-1800 Retina display, quad-core Intel Core i7, 256 GB / 512 GB /1 TB / 2TB storage options, 16 GB RAM, and a keyboard equipped with a Touch Bar. Released November 2016. Features Model A1707.

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Does my MacBook Pro 15 inch 2016 have FlexGate problem?

My MacBook have different syntomps than this described by iFixit here

Mine is kind of “flickering” and it is usually doing this when tilt screen - definitely no “light bleed”

Could it be GPU? But why usually (which means not always) it flicker when tilt display.

I know about Apple MacBook 13” 2016+ display replace program but no 15” - are those 15” are safe?

I’ve done all simple tricks to be sure like - clean radiators - so I know GPU is not overheating (Mac Fan Control app installed and set to keep 50 C temp) - new and latest Mojave - PRAM Reset

Thank You for help

Update (06/17/2019)


Here it is Dan:

Flickering can be the best visible from 1:47 and other times.

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How about posting a few pics, or better yet a small vid showing the issue. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


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I'm not sure if you have a problem or not.

At the very beginning I do see some staining on the left top side of the screen which could be just dirt before you start the system. Make sure you use a clean micro cloth with a screen cleaner applied to the cloth to then wipe the display. If the staining fails to come off you may need to speak with Apple on getting it replaced.

It does appear your screen is a bit washed out (over bright). You may want to open the Display system preferences and calibrate your display. You also may want to adjust the brightness manually lowering it a bit.

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I've watched that video and I am sure it looks different in real life - it is poor iPhone X camera :(

100% pixels are fine with glass and coating - just that flickering :(


A flicker is not likely a bad cable, at least not like the FlexGate issue. Can you give us some more background. Like did you get your system wet at some point?


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#flexgate look like this on my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)

Block Image

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my 15" mbp late 2016 looks like the pic shown, except my lines are vertical, top to bottom. i also wonder if the display cable would fix the issue. due to the problem, which has never been resolved, i resorted to buying a new 15" 2018 mbp. i rarely turn on the 2016 model, only to be used as a secondary back up to my time capsule.


@RANDY - Sorry no this is not a #flexgate issue, this is a T-CON issue often caused by overheating. What happens is if you block the vents the location of the T-CON board puts it at risk of overheating as its between the two heat transfer fin areas of the heat sink.


DAN, - Thank you for your prompt reply! just started up my Late 2016 MBP. I was wrong! it does look like the pic shown. a grid of horizontal lines flickering. if you gently tap the display, sometimes it clears up for a while. other times not so much. Would a replacement Display cable fix this problem? Haven't used the 2016 much, due to display problem, basically use the 2018 model, but would still like to fix , if possibly. Hate to see things broken!! Love IFIXIT!

Randy S Reeves


Lines horizontal or vertical tend to be a broken LCD screen. What happens is the LCD glass panel breaks free from the ribbon cable that connects to it or the glass has cracked.

Did you bang or drop your system or sit something heavy on the display that was pointed? Post a few pics or a vid so we can see more clearly Adding images to an existing answer create a new answer.

Basically you'll need a new screen MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2016-2017) Display Assembly and here's the guide MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar eind 2016 Vervanging van het scherm


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Hi @danj , you mentioned "this is a T-CON issue often caused by overheating". But then in the last comment you mention the user needing a new LCD. Basically I'm seeing slight flickering lines at the bottom after day long usage; like it's repeating the display; like what's on the top part of the screen is repeated in the 8-10 lines on the bottom.

it goes away when i turn it off and give it a rest.

Any leads/ suggestions?

Update (04/09/2020)

Block Image

This is what I’m seeing.

But it goes away after rest but then shows up if doing a lot of work.

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@Khurram Siddiqi - The problem is the linkage! The LCD and the T-CON are attached to each other in such a way you can't separate them. So replacing the full lid assembly gets you both.

Here's a better view T-CON board with the Display The four ribbon cables from the display are attached to the T-CON board . The two larger ones are bonded to the board (LCD) the two smaller are the iSight camera and the displays backlight.


Dan, thanks for the clear picture as well. I am just so disappointed.

I live in Pakistan, and I was probably the first person to have the new Touch Bar here because I desperately needed a new laptop. Now, 3-4 years down the line it's still a great machine, but I can't believe such a poor engineering decision made it through to the final product.

I mean - this works great still, but when $@$* happens, how do I justify a $700 repair on a $3000 laptop, and with the Pakistani rupee the way it is - that's just a pipe dream now anyway!

Thank you though, for the clarification. For now, I'm just keeping it as cool as possible. What would you recommend is the best way/ angle to keep the air vents unobstructed?



One more question - not sure where / how those hinges are attached in real life - can you explain?

Thanks again


@Khurram Siddiqi - Apple managements directive to its engineering team was to reduce the parts count at the point of the final assembly and make the process as quick as possible. Many of these actions also were pushed down into the major assemblies them selves. Which they did achieve! But at a cost! Making a less serviceable and more costly as you have to now replace major assemblies Vs the discreet parts and as they used glue and rivets instead of screws. But Apple is not alone here.

I would recommend installing a good thermal app like TG Pro then set the Turbo Mode to 90 C pushing the fans to a higher RPM to help push the systems temp down.

Dusting the system out is about all you can do, just be careful you don't damage anything in the process.

As far as the hinge review this guide MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar eind 2016 Vervanging van het scherm Jump down to Step 30 & 31. Unlike older MacBook Pro's this design is single sided. Its a press-fit pin into the lid casting which the friction (clutch) part on the external side.

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Perfect - thanks a lot Dan. I tried scoring your answer - which it totally deserves a high one of - but there's nothing to press next to this thread. let me know


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