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The LN46A530 has a 46" display, combined with SRS TruSurround XT. The PC input allows this display to double as a 46" computer monitor

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"Washed out" display with narrow more colorful band around edge

My model is slightly different: LN46B530P7NXZA but apparently from the same family.

Friend gave me the tv saying it had sound but no picture.

On testing, noted that backlight was fine and that picture was just washed out.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Fiddled for a while with the picture settings such as the brightness and contrast and at some point everything just returned to normal.

After a couple days, the picture quality gradually deteriorated firstly by ghosting then gradually “grayed”out back to the original condition I received the TV.

I opened the unit and everything seems fine visually.

Downloaded the service manual for the related model on IFIXIT which seems to point to the T-CON Board.

Disconnecting and reseating the ribbon cables to the T-CON board did not resolve the problem.

Should I replace the T-CON board or does anyone thing the problem lies elsewhere?

I am especially minded to the earlier recovery during changing the settings.

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JCE138  this does not look like a typical T-con issue at all, but it is possible that this is related to a bad Gamma correction IC. Some TV’s do have those on the T-con board. At this point you can try and see if replacing the T-con board will fix it. This T-con board apparently has issues with the Gamma Correction IC and replacement IC’s etc. are being sold separately. The board is a Samsung 35-D025860 Post some good pictures of your boards with your question so that we can see what you see. Adding images to an existing question

Update (06/16/2019)

The IC in question is labelled AS19-H1G and here is the datasheet for it AS19-H1G datasheet. This will allow you to check the voltages etc.

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Thanks for your comments.

I ordered a T-con board and will post the results of the swap when I get it.

Do you know of any cases of “recovery “ even temporary, when the T-con goes bad?


Nope not really for the complete t-con but if it is the IC then it is possible. We would need to find a schematic for your model t-con board to see if the chip is even on it. Post a good picture of it


The t-con board has the following numbers on it



Hope this helps in the search for the schematic.


If you want to check if that is the error get a can of freeze spray and cool the IC down. If that changes the image you pretty much have your answer;-)


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The unit seems fine after changing the t-con board

Block Image

Thanks to @oldturkey03 for his observations and advice.

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JCE138 looks good. Great job fixing your TV!


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