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Toy Tonka fire truck #36 Boom repair?

I have a late 90’s Tonka Fire truck #36 with the motorized boom ladder that rotates and should lift and lower. The boom motor runs, but the boom does not lift/lower. These historically had problems with the inner gear wearing out from what I could find online.

Wondering if anyone has discovered a guide for dis-assembly and repair/ replacement of the gear components in the boom? I would love to get the boom fixed, but am cautious about damaging the working side rotation mechanism in the process.

Block Image

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You could try to take it apart and get to the motor, re-lubricate it and spin the gears, the toy should start up, but if it doesn’t then the motor is burned out. I wish you the best of luck on trying to take it apart.

I would appreciate if you’d check out my animatronic problem: Why Is My Wowee Elvis contorting his face?

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