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Released September 16, 2016. Models A1661, A1784, and A1785. Available in 32, 128, or 256 GB configurations in Rose gold, gold, silver, black, jet black, and (Product)Red.

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iPhone stuck in setup mode because sim card is still "searching"

I went to the beach the other day with my sister out of town, and mistakenly dropped my iPhone 7 plus in the water. i quickly dried it off with my towel. Everything was going fine until I noticed the screen going in and out. So i then powered off the phone and took my case off of it while I waited till I could get back to my car. The car ride back home was crazy because the phone stayed stuck on the apple logo and at this point i had no way to go online to figure out how to fix it so i just waited till the phone died. When I got home i tried to put it the charger and i noticed it took longer to charge then usual. Tired at this point i feel asleep while the phone “charged” the phone stayed on “1%” the whole night. When i woke up the next morning I tried to use my phone. I also noticed i couldn't do anything with the phone unless i kept it on the charger every time i used it. At this point i noticed that my service was gone and it kept saying “searching”. So i decided to reset the whole phone after i backed my pictures and videos up when i should have just reset the network settings. (At this point its past two days and on the second day i let the phone air dry because i read using rice would be bad).............. (which brings me to my problem)............. As i go in to set the phone back up i get stuck on the “set up manually” part because it can't read my sim card and says “searching” still. To make sure my sim card wasn't damaged i put my card into my brothers phone and all of my unread messages started coming in to his phone. So i know the sim card works its just my phone is battery damaged (i know i can fix because of your website) but i don't know how to fix the sim card problem. I can't get past the setup part to even try to do a battery replacement on my phone. PlEASE HELP i will greatly appreciate your advice.

Block Image

*That screenshot was before i reset my iphone.

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Never let dry liquid inside, and is worse when is salt water like a beach water. You have to open it a clean it. About Searching Issue, can be corrosion on simcard pins or BASEBAND problem, if your phone does not have IMEI number (you can check it under settings about or pressing *#06# on phone app.) will be a problem with your BASEBAND chip or some component near to it. If that is the case you will need learn about microsoldering and get some tools for it, or you can start searching a store near to you that do this kind of work. There is a lot for documentation for Apple Products repairs the chances to fix your phone are high.

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