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Black screen but still have Audio

My 42LE5400 LED LG tv turns on, I see the LG logo and the picture comes and looks fine but after about 5-10 seconds the screen goes black and the audio stays on. If I shine a flashlight on the screen I can see the picture, so the back light must be shutting down. I can’t see it being the led’s as it comes on and works fine at the beginning(maybe i’m wrong). What could it be? Thanks

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Rob LG has trouble with backlight arrays. It is absolutely possible that this happens. However, you do need to check your power board as well. Check the voltages going to the backlight LED’s. See what the voltage is when the backlight is on and when the backlight turns off. Let us know what you find.

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I’ll suggest the backlight driver is either going thermal or associated capacitors are saturating / shorting out. That it works at all gives you a chance to watch the component go bad. You’ll almost certainly need a schematic to find it.

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