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Repair guides and support for riding, or ride-on, mowers, also known as lawn tractors, of all types used in tending large tracts of land.

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I have a general wiring question about ignition wire harness?

I am actually working on a dixon ztr 308 zero turn mower and am wondering if I have to use a wire harness to connect keyed ignition switch or if I can wire strait from ignition to solenoid, magneto, and ground? Is the harness just for a quick disconnect?

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Thank you for the confirmation all the wires were corroded and direct wired now with better quality wire. Runs great now


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A harness is for consistent easy assembly at the factory. You can direct wire with a connector or not. The ZTR 429 I’m rebuilding wouldn’t engage the blade clutch, the connector was so badly corroded. I bypassed it using wire nuts. Now waiting on new drive cones to finish the rebuild.

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