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2.2, 2.4, 2.5, or 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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It says buzz and suddenly turns off just after turning on?

I've got a mac-book pro 15" model:A1260 (not the uni-body) for about 3 years now, I was restarting it and it stuck in the shutting down page for some minutes I got bored and used the power button and hold it to force the shutting down, when I tried to start it again it didn't work, the fans start working and I guess the hard and DVD-ROM too and suddenly a noise and all is down, I have checked booting without ram and it makes the error sound I have open the upper case to see if there is anything wrong to see, and removed the main connectors and replaced them again, but I couldn't solve it, I really appreciate any hints on the problem.

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Sounds like another flavour of the dreaded NVIDIA issue. If you have an Apple Service Provider within reach, take it there. They check it for a specific error code using a trick program on an external harddrive (not available to mere humans). If it spits out the correct error code - bingo, the'll replace the logicboard up til 4 years after purchase, no questions asked.

If not, i reanimated quite a lot of these machines by giving the LB a good and thorough clean with 99% rubbing alcohol and dried them carefully at ca. 100 degreee centigrade wrapped in aluminium foil. If you do that kind of "voodoo mac repair" remember to take out the ram and the two little plastic pads on the north side of the LB. Dust on the board, especially in connection with humidity can do all sort of weird things with your machine.

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when you say to do that, whith which machine you heat the board at 100 degree ?..Normally bga melting come at 220°. So why 120° difference ?.

Hot gun, oven or other ????

Tell me also, if you have to remove plastic resine on the corner of the bridge + GPU ?...

Normally it's same problem of graphic card ?...



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