philips digital pocket memo is flashing lights at me and stops playbac

My philips digital pocket memo recorded 6.21 hours but when replaying at 5:44 it starts flashing an orange light in the docking station as well as on the recorder and doesn’t play any further….the screen shows what looks like a fast forward screen (on the pc) - PLEASE HELP

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Check your battery(s) first. Then the charger. Orange lite shows a problem there. Low voltage has a way of making unrelated things go wonky while still semi working.


Nope. Battery is fully charged :-( but thks for trying to help


Another guess then. Even tho it can record much more..I suppose.. There may be a single length limit, possibly resetable, that the "fast forward" shows it auto-ran to clear for the next recording (rather than deleting anything). See if you can find something like that in Settings. If not, you may be able to get the rest of your recording by starting just after 5:44.


the rep told us it can record up to 36 hours at a time - but didnt show us anything about setting up a limit. We did look for any "run-on" recordings afterwards but didnt find anything. Will have a look under settings. Thanks


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