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The Razer Phone is the first generation phone by Razer released in November 2017.

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Can the motherboard on the Razer phone be fixed?

I think my Razer phone's motherboard had a short. The top speaker, camera flash, and GPS have stopped working as a result. Can this motherboard be fixed by some Microsoldering? I can't find any place capable of doing that.

Is it possible to replace the motherboard instead? I read that Razer does not provide provide shops with replacement parts.

I emailed Razer to find a solution and they said they can only sell me a new refurbished phone for the same price as a brand new Razer phone, and they're still asking me to send them my current phone too. I politely told them to go F themselves.

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@urmumgay (Really? Do you have to do that?)

without a schematic and boardview there is no way to repair your phones motherboard. The only way to find a replacement board is by purchasing one from a broken (or otherwise discarded) phone

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Yes, of course it can be replaced. Now finding the part, in a working condition may be more difficult:

Razer Phone Motherboard Replacement

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I know how to replace a motherboard. My problem is finding a replacement motherboard.

Also I'm still preferring Microsoldering.


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