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Repair information for the Rival 700, a gaming mouse with several customizable parts, including an OLED display. This mouse released by Steelseries in 2016.

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What's the name of this part inside the Rival?

I recently did a RMA on my Rival 710 which required me to break off the mouse 1 & 2 buttons by peeling them off the mouse and snapping them off completely.

I decided to completely disassemble the mouse and would like to make a guide showing that process for the Rival 710 (Would most likely work for the 700 as well, since they are very similar).

I’m curious if anyone happens to know the name of this part that the mouse buttons were attached to, and if anyone has possibly seen a place to pick up another one short of ripping it out of another mouse.

Block Image

Block Image

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Main case or bottom case?

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On the main case, just beneath the removable palm rest plate. Looking at my picture, the black shell with the logo on it to the right of the body is the palm rest, and usually rest over the body main body (with the logo being just above the white circle at the bottom of the mouse body).

- I also added another picture of the part removed. The two pieces above it are the left and right mouse mouse buttons that are usually supposed to be attached.


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