Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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How to replace the rear hub assembly

I need to replace the rear hub assembly on my Saleen Focus. Not sure if it needs to be pressed on or if I need a puller to get it off. Want to find out before I get in over my head and get the vehicle all apart.

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chase mintrone. I got some instructions about the removal of the hub, the spindle and the wheel knuckle from a service manual They are available for you on here Hope this helps and let me know if this information was what you needed. Good Luck

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@oldturkey03 - I know this is a pretty old post, but any chance there is a new link? I am trying to find out how (and how difficult it would be) to remove and replace my rear spindle.

I just created a post regarding replacing my spindle.

Thank you in advance!


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You want to do it by yourself. I back you up. Go for it!

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