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Spilled water on laptop now the battery won't charge

Spilled a small amount of water on laptop, I had a cover on the keyboard but some still got in there. I dumped it upside down immediately and then toweled it off. Next I used the blow dyer on low setting for 10 minutes before I realized our Hepa airfilter has a powerful fan so I put the laptop in front of the killer fan to dry it for 24 hours.

The computer works great — as long as it’s plugged in. The battery always shows 80% but the indicator says “battery is not charging”, and the “Power source: Power adapter”. The light will flash green for a second then stay at orange.

I ran the coconut battery app…

Block Image

Block Image

Update (11/09/2020)

I had spilled water on my laptop keyboard and it was working perfectly fine it was charging slower than normal but it was working then today I had went to unplug my laptop and it turned of and wouldn’t turn on but as soon as I plugged it in it turned on idk what to do

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Battery is seen correctly by the Os, thus that part should be fine. What you have done would have been perfect if it was soon followed by a full Mac teardown to assess the damages and measures taken to put board and parts to safety. You probably have a fault at the charging circuit level..there’s not much one can do on a DIY basis besides replacing I/O board, the logic board or looking for a skillful pro into component level repairs.

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I took it to Apple today they opened it and two of the red dots in the upper left were red, it was still wet in there. Says it would be $800 for them to fix it. I’m a DIY’er and not afraid to try anything, so I’m going to do some research on it. I just purchased an iMac and migrated everything over, so I’m not worried about losing anything. Apple guy said I could get an external battery if I wanted to travel with it since I need constant power to run the thing, but I’d rather fix it.


@natkro I guess they would be planning of replacing the topcase, logic board and maybe the battery too..Apple has a classic modular approach that can be replicated on a DiY basis. An indipendent careful technician would instead go for the teardown, proper cleaning and decontamination and repair of faulty parts and that would probably halven the final cost for you.

If you want to try doing it yourself and you're not scared of some work you may start from here:

MacBook water damage - The definitive guide


Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to reply! You were very helpful!


@natkro You're welcome, drop by if you need help and keep us posted on your achievements.


Okay, opened it up, the liquid trips were red on the battery and the logic board. I took it all part and cleaned it up using alcohol. Soaked the logic board in it for two hours let it dry for four. Put it all back together again, still same result. Worked with the plug but shut off when unplugging it. So I met with my daughter today and she let me use her battery. I swapped batteries, and that's all my computer needs now is a new battery.


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