Camera will only turn on after inserting battery while switch ON

Hello, my Olympus OM-D E-M10 will not power on if I switch the power from OFF to ON. Instead, I must turn the switch ON and then re-insert the battery. Then everything works fine. If I just leave the battery in then turn ON, nothing happens. This is the case with multiple batteries. It is clearly a problem with the camera, not the batteries. I was taking photos of humpback whales recently and there was some water that splashed onto the camera. Although not a significant amount of water, I assume this is the cause of my new issue. I do not see corrosion of the battery terminal. I have tried cleaning and drying the battery port. I will update firmware next.

Aside from any easy fixes, knowing what is wrong with the camera for the sake of (hopeful) repair is what I am hoping to get from this thread. Thank you for your help.

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