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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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USB-C Hub: HDMI & SD Card reader, will it drain my systems battery?

I bought a USB-C hub unit which offers HDIM & SD Card reader for my MacBook Pro its made in China. I bought it from Amazon.

My gut feeling this device is generating heat (drawing power) that may be the reason for my system to shut down even when there’s 50% charge.

I will obliged and thankful if you can throw more light on this issue.

Narayanan Lakshmanan India

Update (05/08/2019)

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I am enclosing the details whatever I have,please guide me Narayanan Lakshmanan India

Update (05/09/2019)

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What is the exact make and model of the hub? Also what are you using with it.


Can you still give us the maker and the model as there are just to many that make this device.


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In principle the adapter if working correctly shouldn’t drain any battery power at all, unless in use. A battery power shutdown at 50% charge points to some issue I find a bit hard to associate to an adapter. Try downloading coconut battery and take a couple of screenshots of battery status with and without the adapter plugged in place so as to have a hint of battery conditions as well as instant power draw with adapter in place to get a better picture.

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Not that simple! These Hubs can be active so just leaving them plugged in can drain your systems battery.

This is one of the issues with USB-C being used as a power input and output (bi-directional).


Thank you very much for the wonderful advice,it means I should disengage completely after shutting down the system or else should I refrain from using it.Please advice Thank you Narayanan Lakshmanan India


@ Narayanan If you can do those couple tests I suggested we might be able to get an idea if the adapter draws excessive power even if not in use. Maybe we won't get anywhere but it would be worth a try. Otherwise I have no idea what to recommend..surely if you remove the adapter and yet have shutdowns the second candidate to look at it would be the battery.


I have already done that test and I tried to send it along unfortunately I was not able to upload it please guide me.Thank you Narayanan Lakshmanan India


@ Narayanan I see you found your way into adding images after all ;) I don't know what's the reason behind, but your battery is in a pretty bad shape, capacity left shows only 64/68 % , maybe it was left fully drained for some time ? From here onwards expect issues, sudden shutdowns are almost certainly coming from battery conditions.

Still, if you want to check your adapter power consumption disconnect the charger, check the discharge figures in Wh that will take place of charging figures your app shows at the time you took screenshots.

Connect and disconnect your adapter and see if your "discharging with.." data get modified.


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