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The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016), an Android Smartphones released by Samsung Electronics in 2016.

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I have a project! I dont know if this possible

Q1: Can i change the motherboard and all components of Samsung a5 2016 with samsung a8 2016 ??

Q2: my galaxy a8 2016 needs a screen i wanna put a full screen to body ratio how can i do that??

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I am going to that is probably not going to be possible given that the dimensions of the two boards are probably not the same and the traces are near impossible to see unless somehow you have magnifying glasses that and very careful hands. The body would not be able to accept it as the screws are most likely in different positions as well as the buttons being slightly off, and even other problems too.

As for the screen that would need as different phone shell as well meaning you want to make something custom out of old parts which unless you know how to make a 100% compatible case that does not cause the device to overheat, allows for cellular signal to get through, and can accommodate the type of screen you want with it fitting an accurate and precise measurement that only machines can do. You are best out of luck.

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