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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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Newbie with broken S9+ camera glass + damaged rear camera

First time using iFixIt, though I heard good things from watching Linus Tech Tips who this website sponsors pretty frequently.

The glass on my S9+ camera broke, I delayed just replacing the glass, and just last week my camera has gotten to a point where the photos don't look good.

I need to take a lot of pictures on the job site and send them to people, so it's unacceptable for me. I talked to Freedom Mobile (where I got my phone), and Samsung, and they both pointed me to an authorized service center, I went to one of the two certified ones in Calgary and got quoted $350 for it, which is pretty steep, and I'm thinking I can do it myself.

I did cell phone repair for a few months when I was 18, so I have some previous experience, though I was doing pretty basic stuff at the shop and would appreciate some tips.

If anyone has any experience, if someone could point me to the right direction for which parts to buy to ensure good quality, maybe a good kit to buy that would allow me to do the repair, and if there is, a recommended walkthrough for the repair.

On ifixit, the back camera is $30, the glass is $5, shipping is $12.50, so $48... Changing to CAD, let's say $65... The Canadian store doesn't have the Samsung parts.

What tools would I need to complete the repair? It looks like the iOpener kit for $20 has everything I'd need minus new adhesive. Would you say this is a reasonable option? How would I go about water proofing it? The video here is vague but makes it seem pretty easy:

I didn't go through the tool prices, but in Canadian dollars I'm up to around $90. Do you guys think this is reasonable risk reward, buying what they listed there and doing it. Any other options?

Thank you in advance :)

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How would I go about water proofing it?

Well no phone is waterproof for starters, they market it as water resistance, but if you want to keep the most water resistance as possible use the OEM back glass adhesive I’m not sure where to get these.

Water resistance won’t be good as when the phone was unopened but it’s a good thing to have

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I see where you can get the adhesive for the back panel on the s9 but not the s9+ at ifixit. Can someone help me find that?

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