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7.7" Android tablet released in February 2012. Samsung P6800

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My Tab not starting

Tab is not starting. Tried to charge many times but didnt got success. what is the reason for this and what should i do now.

Update (05/01/2019)

Six months back when I tried to charge my phone it was not charging. Just showing charging sign a rotating circle just like in a buffering video. Since then its not charging. I changed my charger also to find any problems if. But still now there is no progress. When I put it on charging tab gets bit heat up.

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Not nearly enough detail. Can you tell us a little more? Tell us what happened to it recently, any unusual things you notice about it etc.


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It may be that the power bottom has become loose from its hold due to shock, try taking it to an engineer or else if you have a toolskit download the video of how to unscrew the type of your phone on youtube to confirm what the problem is if it can be solved manually by you or by an expert.

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Tried all things by myself.

There no such qualified person in my city.

I guess there is some software issue. Also went to service station, they also told that it's software issue.It would be good if you could provide some help.


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