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(Dell OEM) Radeon 7570 1GB fan noise OR where can I get a new GPU fan?

Video of the sound (Wear headphones):

I can clear up the sound temporarily when it happens by touching the blades a few times, but I don’t want to leave the cover open to clear this up. The problem is when these fans begin to make this exact sound, the fan doesn’t tend to last much longer. I have tried new thermal paste (and Articlean) to try and rule out a thermal sensor going insane, but this has not fixed the problem. I also checked for a hole I can put a light oil in and the card is sealed off from any form of lubrication, nor can I take the blades off :(. See photos of what the issue is here, along with the lack of lubrication being possible:

Block Image

Block Image

This card came as the OEM option the system came with when the system shipped and is not a good card by any means - and as far as I can tell, these were ever only released to OEMs like Dell. However, it has a full sized HDMI on it so I do not need a Mini HDMI adapter or even a DVI to HDMI like I need for my 560Ti I considered installing as a replacement. Yes, it’s horrible compared to the card I WANT to install, but I need a GPU bracket and adapters to use it - as it stands right now, I can’t use it outside of one display.

Is there a way I can lubricate the fan so I can get a little more life out of this card? I don’t want to cut the plastic (and ruin the fan entirely), but I will eventually need to fix this. The DP/N on the card is 051NCR.

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I blew off the dust that was exposed from disassembly out as much as I could. It seems to not rattle anymore like it did before.

The card was cleaned before and this is residual.

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