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iPod Touch completely dead, no signs of life.

My iPod Touch 5th generation stopped working without warning. I went to use my iPod, as usual, and it didn’t turn on. When I tried to charge it, nothing happened. I tried multiple chargers, and also made sure all of those chargers work using my iPhone. I have tried a hard reset (holding down home and power button at the same time) multiple times, and it still does not work. It is also cannot be detected by a computer.

Now, I am 99% sure that this can’t be fixed, but in the off-chance that it can, please try to give me a solution.

This is the 16GB black/silver model of the 5th gen with no camera that was available around 2013.

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At my shop we like to give a full diagnosis. What we usually do is open it up to check if it has any corrosion on the board or any visible places on the device. We throw on a new screen usually and a new battery to see if theres any sign of life. If it still doesn’t turn on we take out the logic board and see if theres any damage on the connectors or anything else. If its not the screen or battery it usually is a malfunction with the logic board itself

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I have one with the exact same problem that I found it seemed to be dead. What I did was unsolder the battery and connected a work bench dc power supply directly to the phone giving it 3.7volts the same as the battery. It turned on so I knew it wasn’t the iPod that was dead. The charger dock connection was bad so I replaced it. I supplied power using the dc power supply and plugged in my charger now it shows charging so the dock connector works. I tried connecting the battery but I think it’s dead because it doesn’t charge or anything. I’m waiting for battery I’ll post when I receive it to see if it finally comes back to life.

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