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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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TV won’t turn on. Red light blinking17 times- Panasonic 4k 48inch

Hi guys,

TV is not switching on. Red light is blinking 17 times. After 3 blinks a pause then it blinks 14 times. It’s a 3 year old TV. Model TX-48CX400B 4k UHD.

Please help!

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Not finding a 17 blink code:

The exact error is represented by the number of blinks in each series of blinks. By using this fault error code, 

you can diagnose the problem with the TV without even opening it.  

First, be sure you are counting the blinks correctly – it is very important to correctly diagnosing the problem.  

To do that, turn the TV OFF, and then back on and count the number of times the LED blinks.  

Repeat the process to confirm and let us know.

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@mayer thanks for a quick reply. I was getting 17 blinks( 3 + 14) when I was trying to switch on the tv from the remote.

But if I just plug in the tv to the mains it's giving me 3 blinks and then the red light stays.

Does this make sense?


There's no code for 14 blinks. But the is for three, get this fixed first: 3 blinks 3.3v SOS D Board


Noted with thanks!


Mines giving me 3 then 13

Any help please


Here are the error codes for the Panasonic :


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