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The 2017 flagship cellphone for ZTE, model number Z982. It features a 6" display, USB-C, and runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

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when trying to make a call says airplane mode is on

I factory reset the phone, I've changed my APN (by going to my service provider and letting it send it to my phone itself), I have gone into safe mode with no luck, and there is no Wi-Fi calling on this phone. sometimes when I'm at work and there's no service it says I have no SIM card. then usually restart the phone and it comes back. when I make a call it says airplane mode is on but it's not at all. and when I shut down my phone sometimes it'll say airplane mode is on. I turn off airplane mode it'll show the outline of the bars for signal but there are no bars in there. and yes I have service I checked my data plan on the website. I don't have this phone ZTE Blade Z Max. I have the ZTE Citrine

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There may be a warranty on the phone. If so, you can send it in to ZTE and get it repaired.

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# You might have to get a new SIM Card.

  1. Did you buy it from a carrier? They might’ve rooted the phone to prevent other carriers from working. (This happened to me)
  2. can u still text?
  3. heres a link to ZTE’S user manuals

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