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Fourth generation of iPad, released November 2, 2012, available in 16, 32, or 64 GB models. Model Number A1458

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iPad 4 digitizer has no touch after multiple replacements.

Within the last few days, I’ve changed the digitizer on two different iPad 4’s. I changed it 4 different times and each time the touch wouldn’t work. Same issue with the second iPad 4. I am using a battery isolator. Is there a possibility by using the isolator I could have damaged any sensitive components beneath the logic board? Because it seems strange that 4 digitizers would be defective.

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Did you try the same digitisers on the second iPad?


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The battery isolator should not cause any issues as there are no components underneath the connector you are isolating.

Four bad digitizers does seem far fetched…unless you are getting them from a bottom dollar vendor. It’s also possible that you accidentally damaged something on the iPad but assuming you are an experienced tech, that would be highly unlikely as well.

Ideally, you need to start from something of known-good condition, either a digi or a device to help you isolate the issue.

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It may be something as simple as cleaning the digitizer connector on the board. Dust can get inside that connector and cause a bad connection to the replacement digitizer cable.

I use isopropyl alcohol and some gentle brushing to clean the connector.

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Take a look at the FPC connectors, are they damaged or is the doors missing?

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