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The fourth generation of HP's low-cost, 11.6 inch Chromebook 11, released in 2015.

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Trackpad no longer works, the cursor disappears and doesn't reappear

The mouse/trackpad cursor disappear, and does not return. A mouse must be plugged in, and then the cursor reappears, but when the mouse is unplugged, the trackpad does not work.

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Is there anywhere else besides here to look for drivers?


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try turning on keyboard shortcuts through chrome://flags and press search+shift+p

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it worked thanks


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Try updating the drivers for the track pad.

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Do you know where the drivers are located? The HP website does not have any, and the Chromebook is updated with the lated updates.


The best I can find is this link I find it annoying that HP doesn't support Chrome drivers or provide better information. I found the link on Lenovo's web site, they at least provided better information than HP.



Looks like the latest updates may not have fixed the problem.

See advisory notice.

When the mouse is plugged in, does the trackpad work or just the cursor shows and is controlled by the mouse?

If so, wondering if it is a hardware problem - faulty trackpad.


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