Boot MacBook Air with Crucial NVME drive

A success story which I think folk may fine useful. I bought in a Crucial 500 CT500P1SSD8 to use in my MacPro3,1, but it wasn’t bootable. So I thought to try it in my MBA 11” 2015 with the commonly-available NVME adapter, and it works a treat! Boots and runs fine in both High Sierra and Mojave. If you want to split the drive and have two bootable partitions, ensure you use the Partition method in Disk Utility rather than the option to add a volume. Also noted elsewhere, install OSX to the drive properly rather than cloning another partition to it.

The Crucial SSD is far faster than the native one I was using which was getting pretty tired and slow. It writes at 830 MB/sec and reads at 1442 MB/sec.

And so far, I have experienced no freezes or crashes upon waking from sleep, which was a common fault when trying to run MacBooks on NVME drives. Yay!

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